No big surprises until 3 pm Sunday as the 2 and 0 teams Klentner Ranch and Farmers and Merchants both unbeaten continued to roll and did @ 10 and 12 noon with both having to battle a little . The scene was set for the 3 PM game if Lucchese won there would be a 3 team shootout for the 4 th spot with 3 team at 0 and 3 . But Big Ben brought his lucky charm in as JP Theriot calls himself and might be right he is in town RH wins well hope he hangs around . Granted Lucchese did not have to win they were already in so you never know how many horses were not played and rested for Thursday but either way RH looked and were hungry as they got out to an early lead in chukkar 1 by 1 and then ended with a tie as Luc. came back and won # 2 to tie it all at 4 to 4 the third was all RH as they went up by 2 at 1/2 time and it was huge goals by Matt Coplla doing a lot of run and gun type work but always headed to goal the 4th seen RH continue to roll as they won that one 3 to 1 to lead 9 to 4 and Luc. came back and won the 5th and tied the 6 th to lose by 3 . It was a very good team effort with Matt running to goal with Big Ben and Jason and Santi stopping the ball and smashing it down the field with authority.
Now it is back to 0 to 0 as Thursday you either Win or go home . It is unbeaten Klentner Ranch taking on RH who they have smashed the last 2 times by several and Farmers and Merchants getting it on with Lucchese who has given them a lot of trouble before so it could be a very good day of POLO. Times 1 and 4 PM

see ya there

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